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A continuing success story in recruitment

Universe Recruitment Limited is an established, long- term supplier of construction related staff for temporary and permanent appointments. We build our reputation through a no nonsense approach to service delivery recruiting across the UK. We are now successfully expanding our operations both geographically and into other markets.

Due to our established reputation and continued success, our long-term growth prospects are excellent. We have achieved this by rationalising the recruitment process and increasing our industry knowledge.

As a privately owned company, we have greater flexibility in decision-making than the high street national agency chains. This enables us to react faster in terms of both strategy and operations. The end result is a quality service, which is tailored to our clients’ specifications.

Quality service built on quality people

The quality of our people impacts on the quality of your organisation. Our directors and staff have extensive experience in the international, national and regional recruitment markets. Our consultants are lateral thinkers and problem solvers who are committed to find new and innovative solutions to our clients’ recruitment issues. Our consultants deliver an informed and professional service through their awareness of developments and issues in recruitment issues.

Giving you the people you need

The effectiveness of a recruitment organisation can be easily and accurately quantified through monitoring and evaluation of the service delivery and the quality of the workers provided- and inefficient agencies are not retained for long.

Universe Recruitment Limited has many long-established relationships with major name clients and the durability of these relationships is a testament to our ability and the quality of our service Universe Recruitment Limited systems and procedures adhere to the highest possible standards.